Kerala Floods: Save Yourself by Google Person Finder and Facebook Safety Check

Kerala Floods: Save Yourself by Google Person Finder and Facebook Safety Check

Kerala floods

Kerala is going through a very hard time now. Heavy rainfall has led to massive flooding here. The number of death has crossed 164 so far and it’s increasing day by day. Meteorological department has issued red alert and predicted more rains in the city. Kerala’s twelve of its fourteen district is experiencing very heavy rainfall and flooding, specially Aluva and Pathanamthitta districts.

Google has rolled out the tool called ” Google Person Finder” to track missing people in Kerala Floods. Meanwhile Facebook has also activated its Safety Check feature.

User can access the Google Person Finder tool from desktop as well as from mobile phone. This tool can also be used to provide the details of people who are missing on the site. The user can just enter the name of the person they want to search and google will show all available record of the person with the matching name and address(if available). User can also create a new record.

This tool was originally launched during Japan’s massive earthquake in 2011 that damaged the Fukushima nuclear reactor. Between March and October 2011, it had gathered over 6,70,000 entries in the database.

How “Google Person Finder” tool works

google person finder

Google has a huge database. It tracks the activity of its each and every user. After the popularity of Android phones google has got almost all the information of its users. Google uses its own database to find the last location of the person you are finding. If there is no record of any particular person in its database, you can even make a manual entry and ask google to provide details of the concerned person. This entry will be visible to everyone and everyone can respond on that. You can even give a description about the person along with the picture.

How to use “Google Person Finder” tool

  • Open any browser and visit and click on the menu icon on the top left hand corner and select Kerala Flooding. Also you can directly visit to and you can find the resources related to Kerala Flooding on the google search page.
  • Select whether your are looking for someone or you have information about someone.
  • If you are looking for someone, enter the exact name and surname of the person to fetch the details from the google and find the status of the person if someone has updated the status.
  • If you want to provide the information about someone, be sure to type the exact name and surname of the person to search in google’s record. After entering the name if you find the right person then provide the relevant information like last location and status of well being.

Note that each people are not aware of Google Person Finder, so result might not be accurate. But, this information can be used for the quick reference.

Facebook Safety Check Feature

In addition Facebook has also activated its Safety Check Feature that helps user to know about the safety of their friends and family.

Facebook has 270 million users in India overall, which makes it one of the largest social media platform in the country. This social media platform is being used to share news content, videos and post related to Kerala Flooding. By using Facebook’s Safety Check Feature people can mark them self safe that will be visible to other Facebook user globally.

A red alert has been issued in all the 14 district of the state. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited Kerala and has undertaken the aerial survey of flood ravaged area.

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