How to Compress Power Point File

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compress power point file

Have you ever tried to share your Power Point Presentation via Gmail but you were not allowed to do so, because your file size was too large. Here is a very simple solution. Here I have explained that how you can compress Power Point File and share on any platform very easily. I have tried to explain with the help of visual in a very simple way, so let’s begin..

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How to Compress Power point File

Quick Summary

1. Open your Power Point Presentation.
2. Double click an Image.
3. Click compress picture.
4. Uncheck “apply to selected pictures only“.
5. Click on “Options..”.
6. Select “E-mail (96 ppi)“.
7. Click Ok.
8. Save the file.

Step 1.

Open your Power Point Presentation. Double click on any image in the file. You will find an option called “Compress Picture” on the top left side as shown in the picture below.


Step 2.

Once you will click on “Compress Picture” one popup window will open and it will ask to apply compression setting. In the compression setting you will get an option called”Apply to selected pictures only“. You have to disable this option if you want to compress all the pictures of your file.


Step 3.

Next You have to click on “Options..” and select the “E-mail (96 ppi)” option as shown in the picture.


Step 4.

Then click “Ok” and save the file. You will find that the file size has been reduced to very low size.

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