How to see Deleted Whatsapp Message on Android

You are not allowed to see deleted whatsapp message officially by the whatsapp company. But, there are some ways which you can use to see those messages.

see deleted whatsapp message

Whatsapp has rolled out a feature called “Delete for Everyone” a year back. By using this feature the sender can delete the message after sending and it will be deleted from the sender mobile as well as from the recipient’s mobile. This feature brought smile on million of user’s faces. Though, this is a headache for some users when they want to read those deleted messages.

But, when your friend sent a whatsapp message and deleted it, and you are dying in suspense that what was the message that he doesn’t want me to read. Then you will say I wish I could read those messages, don’t worry here I will tell you some ways by which you can still read those deleted messages.

Actually the messages are stored in the notification register of the Android system. So, they can by easily retrieved.

There are two ways to see deleted whatsapp messages on android.

1. By using Third Party AppNotification history

Step 1– Go go google play store and install an app called “Notification History“. Run it and give it all the required permissions to access your device’s system settings.

Step 2– Now, you can search the message in the notification log for the whatsapp message. This is essentially a log of all the notifications that you receive on your phone. You’ll have to segregate the ones received on Whatsapp.

Step 3– That’s all. You can see deleted whatsapp message here. However, some Android phones allow you to check the notification log.

2. Without using Third Party App

                     Notification log

Step 1– Go to the widget option in your smartphone. There are different ways to go to widget option in different smartphones.

Step 2– Tap widgets, and find the Settings widget on the list. Now, tap and hold the setting widget and place it anywhere on the home screen.

Step 3– Now tap the setting widget and select the notification log.

Step 4– Tap on notification log and it will show the deleted whatsapp message which were displayed as notification.

Since, there are various ways to see deleted whatsapp message, there are some limitations too. Though these limitations will disappoint many users. Those limitations are listed below-

  1. You can only read those deleted WhatsApp messages which you have interacted with. Like, you can read only those deleted message if you tap or swipe an incoming notification or see the message by visiting the app.
  2. Only 100 characters of the deleted message you can read.
  3. Users can only retrieve text messages which means user can’t see any kind of media file.
  4. You can only see deleted whatsapp message before restarting the device. Once you restart the device, all the notification log will be cleared.


Since, Whatsapp officially doesn’t support users to see deleted Whatsapp message. However, people find the way to see those messages. Some people think that this the loophole of the Whatsapp but this is not any kind of loophole. This option is given to the user to retrieve their important message if they got deleted by mistake.

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