10 Tips to get Google Adsense Approval Faster

In this article I have given some tips to get Google Adsense approval faster. There are some do’s and dont’s which if you follow them you can get the Adsenes approval within 15 days to 1 month period.get google adsense approval

When a new blogger starts blogging and thinks about making money from the blog, the first thing which comes in his mind is Google Adsense. And there is no wonder because Google Adsense is a best paying Ad program for bloggers. This is the reason that Adsense is most used program by most of the bloggers and even big company websites.

But now a days getting Adsense approval is not that easy. Google Adsense have some strict account approval policy. This is the reason most of the new bloggers get rejected often.

But let me tell you getting Adsense approval is not so difficult and you will also believe me after reading this article.

There are some tips according to the google Adsense approval policy. If you will follow these tips I am sure you will get Google Adsense approval faster.

1. Use Custom Domain Name

If you want to get Google Adsense approval faster, I recommend you to buy a Top Level Domain like .com, .org, .edu, .info  etc. Chances of getting Adsense approval becomes high if you use top level domain. Have you seen wordpress.com or blogspot.com domain coming in the search result of Google? So, it is recommended to use custom domain name.

2. Add pages like About, Contact & Privacy Policy

It is highly recommended to add About, Contact and privacy policy pages in your blog. Because these pages contains general information about your blog. When google bot crawl your website it will be easy for it to understand your website.

In about section you can add information about Author and some information about your website vision and mission. In contact section you can give your mail id and phone number, so that audience could reach to you. And in privacy policy section you can give the information about how much data you collect from your audience and how much it is secure in your website.

3. Make your Blog design Clear and Attractive

Your blog design should be clear and attractive. Do not use unnecessary widgets because it increases the load time of your website and it makes your website slow. Use only those widgets and plugins which are actually required. Keep the background color of your website as white and do not use any image in background of the website. Make sure that the side bar looks clean and professional.

4. Write at least 10-15 Quality Blogs

Content is the king. No matter how much you decorate your website, if there is no quality content then everything is going to be waste. As already there are a lot of big firms who use blogging as a business. They hire professional content writer and pay them a huge amount. So, if you are thinking that you will write anything and it will generate organic traffic then you are wrong. So, I recommend you to write at lease 10-15 good quality blogs on your website before applying for the Adsense. And it is highly recommended that do not copy anything from another blog.

5. Don’t Use copyright Images

Images also play a vital role in getting Adsense approval faster besides content. Do not download or edit the image directly from the google and use in your blog as those images are copyright reserved. Using copyrighted images in your blog can affect your Adsense approval as well as your SEO ranking. Always use CCO licence images for your blog. Check here to download copyright free images.

6. Improve your Post title and Meta tags

As you know millions of posts are submitted daily on Google and for human it is not to check every single website. So, google uses bots to crawl each and every website and index them in the search engine. Google bots reads your post title and meta tags to get the information about your post. Use your focus keyword in post title and in the meta tags. Always try to maintain post title between 69 characters and meta tags between 156 characters.

7. Use Adsense Optimized theme

Adsense optimized theme plays a significant role to get Google Adsense approval faster. You may never get adsense approval by using free wordpress theme. I recommend you to use any premium adsense optimized theme.

8. Don’t buy traffic

Don’t try to buy traffic from any source like HitLeap and 10kHits. Google hate this type of paid traffic. If you get caught Google can penalize you. Try to get organic traffic from search engine and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. Google love these type of traffic. Since, getting Adsense approval doesn’t depends on traffic, however it keeps your website alive and rank in the search results.

9. Don’t use contents that violets Adsense policy

If you don’t know Google Adsense never give permission to adult content or any content on the site that violets their policy. Google adsense will never show it’s Ad on the site if it’s content violets Adsense policy. So, always create content which are permitted by Google Adsense.

10. Don’t use another Ads

If you want to get the Google Adsene approval on you site, then do not use any other Ads on the site. If already using any other Ads on the site then remove it before applying for the Adsense. Because Google Adsense doesn’t support any other Ads.

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I hope you got some idea about how to get Google Adsense approval faster after reading this post. Do not believe in rumors that Google takes minimum six months to provide adsense approval for new domains. However, if you follow these steps you will get the Adsense approval within 15 days to 1 month. If you have already got the adsense approval share your experience in the comment box.

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