HDFC Mobile Banking New App Malfunction Unfixed

HDFC mobile banking new app was launched on November 27 for it’s customer. But, it was taken down within the same week of it’s launch, because customers were facing issues in login to their accounts.

hdfc mobile banking new app

HDFC bank launched a Next-Gen mobile banking app HDFC mobile banking with revamped interface and added functionality. But, as soon as the app was launched customer started complaining about the issues they are facing in accessing the app. The HDFC bank users took over to Twitter to complain about the issues. They shared the screenshot of the pop-up message reading “sorry we are experiencing heavy load. Please use net banking. Regret the inconvenience.” They shared another screenshot which says, “sorry something went wrong. Kindly try after sometimes.”

hdfc mobile banking issue

The issue has not been fixed even after six days of the glitch and the new application was taken down from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. As per several users the old app of HDFC bank was also taken down from the Google and Apple store after the announcement. Currently there is no mobile application for the HDFC bank customers. Reviews of Hindi app are full of angry customers and they want the English application to be available again.

HDFC Bank Statement

HDFC Bank put out a statement on twitter on November 29, saying users who moved to the app’s new version and deleted the old one will not be able to use mobile banking till further notice. The tweet is pinned to both HDFC bank accounts @HDFC_Bank and @HDFCBank statement

The bank suggested it’s users to use other services such as internet banking, PayZapp, their mobile wallet and missed call banking. However, it doesn’t seems to given relief to the customers because major customers of the bank use mobile banking only.

The bank has not disclosed the reason behind the mobile app malfunction. Customers were unable to access the app since the update and were received the message: “Sorry, we are experiencing high traffic on our servers. Please try again after some time.”

The HDFC mobile banking new app called ‘Next-gen’ banking app was launched at the bank’s annual Digital Innovation Summit 2018 in New Delhi earlier this week. The new app’s features included bio metric log-in with fingerprint and facial recognition for IPhone X users.


The HDFC mobile banking new app is still showing issue even after six days of the glitch. The bank has given the statement but the issue is still there. Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal tweeted on Sunday: “In this day and age, how can the largest private bank of India do this?.” He also retweeted another tweet that questions how a bank’s app can go down in ‘the age of serverless Technology and distributed Architecture/containerised applications’. We hope the issue will be resolved soon.

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