How to Create a Bootable Pen drive

Today’s Tech teaches you how to create a bootable pen drive with and without using any software. Bootable pen drive helps you to install windows in your PC if CD drive of your computer is not working.

create a bootable pendrive

In this article we will learn how to create a bootable pen drive

  • With the help of command prompt
  • With the help of a software

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1. Create a bootable Pen Drive with the help of CMD Prompt

If you don’t have internet connection in your PC and you don’t have any software also, then you can create a bootable pen drive with the help of command prompt. Let’s see….


  1. Insert pen drive into your PC
  2. Press window+R in your PC. It will open Run command, then type CMD and press enter and it will open command prompt window in your PC.
  3. Now type diskpart into the command prompt window. It will open a new command line window.
  4. Here you have to type list disk in this new window.
  5. It will prompt the list of all disks in your computer. You need to identify the pen drive by it’s size and remember the name assigned to it. Now you have to write Select Disk and  enter your pen drive name and press enter.
  6. You will get a message if your disk has been selected. Now type clean and press enter. It will clean your pen drive and delete all the data available in the pen drive. Now type clean partition primary and press enter.
  7. Then type select partition 1 and press enter.
  8. Now partition 1 has been selected. You need to format this disk now so, you have to type  format fs=ntfs quick
  9. Now your pen drive has become bootable. To activate it type active and press enter.
  10. Now you have to type exit and remove the pen drive.
  11. Here your bootable pen drive is ready to use.

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2. Create a Bootable Pen Drive by using Software


This option is also as simple as a non-tech person can also convert his pen drive as bootable pen drive easily. You need to browse in your computer and download a very small size application in your computer.  Now insert your pen drive into the computer and go to select option and select your disk and click on start button. Your bootable pen drive will be ready within a few seconds.

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In this article we learnt about how to create a bootable pen drive. Here we learnt about two options. One is by using software and another one is with the help of command prompt. I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any doubt, please write in the comment box. I will try to answer.  Thank you.

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