How to Reset your Forgotten Windows Password

If you ever forget your windows password, you might get into trouble. But, don’t worry there is a cool trick which can help you to reset your forgotten windows password very easily.

reset your forgotten windows password

First of all, you need a pen drive to prepare your Password Reset Disk. You can use any pen drive for this method.

Kindly follow these steps to prepare your Password Reset Disk-

  • Insert your pen drive into your computer.
  • Now open control panel and select user account.
  • You will find a create password reset disk option in the side bar of user account.
  • Click on this option and it will open a forgotten password wizard.
  • You have to follow it. At one place it will ask you to enter your current user account password.
  • Enter the password and click Next. Your password reset disk will be ready.

How to use Password Reset Disk?

When ever you forget your windows password, insert the pen drive to your computer in which you have created the password reset disk. Then follow these steps:

  • Enter any wrong password in your password window.
  • You will get a reset password option below the password window.
  • Click on this option and create a new password.

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In this article we learnt about how to reset your forgotten windows password. This trick is very useful when you have many computers and often you forget your windows password. This method is very easy to use. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any doubt, please write in the comment box. I will try to answer. Thank you.

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