Top 10 Programs to Mount Disk Image in Windows

To mount disk image in windows, there are various programs available online. Today’s Tech brings top 10 programs that will help you to mount disk image with easy steps. So, sit back and enjoy this article.

Mount disk image

Disc images are digital copies of physical disks, stored on a hard drive. They come in a variety of formats, with the more common including ISO, DMG, and VCD files. Some programs create these image files as backups, to recreate a physical disc later, but virtual disk drives can mount a drive image on a system and use it as if it were a physical copy. Disk Utility, included with Mac OS X and many more online programs can mount disk images. Windows users can download Daemon-Tools or Virtual Clone Drive to access these features.

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So, here is the list of programs that help to mount disk image in windows…

Top 10 Programs to Mount Disk Image in Windows

1. Daemon Tools Lite

Daemon Tools Lite is the most complex and probably the most popular program in this list. Using it you can mount up to 4 disc image files simultaneously. It supports a huge number of image formats and you can use it also to create an image from a physical CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc or to burn an image to physical disc. One very important downside is the installation process: if you don’t pay attention, Daemon Tools Lite will install a lot of adware. Pay attention and uncheck the check boxes for installing the adware you don’t want on your Windows computer.

2. Virtual Clone Drive

Virtual Clone Drive is extremely simply to use. It allows you to mount up to eight different disc image files simultaneously, it keeps a history of recently mounted images for easy access, so you can mount them again very fast and it supports many different file extensions for disc images, like ISO, IMG, UDF, BIN, and more. It is adware-free and we highly recommend it to all Windows users.

3. Magic Disc

Magic Disk works a bit different from the other apps presented in this list, because it has no main application window. You can access all its functions from the right click context menu found on the the system tray icon. It allows you to mount up to 15 disc images simultaneously and you can also create disc images with it. In the page that we provided you in the download link, make sure that you download the correct version for the operating system that is installed on your computer. Otherwise, when you will try to install the program you will receive an error.

4. ISODisk

ISODisk is another free disc image mounting tool that is very easy to use. With this application you can only mount ISO images to virtual disks or you can create an ISO image from your CD-ROM, nothing more. It doesn’t work with other disc image formats like IMG, UDF or BIN. Its simplicity is what brings ISODisk to our list.

5. WinCDEmu

WinCDEmu is small application which can mount disk image that requires less than 1 MB of storage space. It doesn’t provide a lot of features but it offers the most used functions that a casual user would require. You can mount almost anything with just one click, as long as it is stored in a popular format for disc images.

6. Disk Utility

Step 1:-
Open Disk Utility on your OS X system by opening the Applications folder and selecting “Utilities,” then “Disk Utility.” You can also run Disk Utility directly from the OS X installation disc.

Step 2:-
Click the “File” menu and choose “Open Disk Image.”

Locate the image file on your hard drive and double click it to mount the image. The image appears on your desktop along with any other connected media.

7. WinArchiver

The program supports up to 23 virtual drives which it can create. All drives need to be created directly and are then accessible at any time on the system regardless of disk images being mounted or not.

The application can automatically mount disk image that were mounted previously, and supports the quick dismounting of all drives as well.

8. OSFMount

You can mount as many disk images as there are drive letters available. The program supports a wide variety of image formats and while it has been created for forensic purposes, works really well when it comes to mounting.

Some features that set it apart include creating read-only drives, configuring drive sizes and offsets, creating RAM disks, and loading image files in RAM. Especially the latter option can be interesting as it will improve the loading performance of mounted images further.

9. ImDrive

ImDrive is a free virtual tool to mount disk image in Windows that supports up to seven disc images and all versions of Microsoft Windows starting with Windows 2000.

The program is easy to use, integrates with Explorer for quick mounting images with two clicks of the mouse button.

You may control it from its system tray icon which lets you add or remove drives, mount images, unmount them, or quickly access previously mounted images.

10. Gizmo Drive

Gizmo Drive is part of a collection of tools that you can install as a separate program after you have downloaded the latest version from the developer website.

The drive component supports the mounting of disk images and virtual hard disk images, as well as burning ISO images to disc or creating RAM disks.

It requires a reboot of the system though before the driver can be loaded that is powering its functionality.

The downside is that you have to install a “central component” to use the drive feature.

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These are the top 10 programs to mount disk image in windows. When it comes to disk mounting tools, Windows users have a lot of options. We recommend that you try them all and keep the one that you prefer using. If you like this article, help others by sharing this article to them. If you have any doubt, write down in the comment box below, I will try to answer you. Thank You.

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