How to Open an Opus File on Windows and Mac

In this article we will learn about how to open an Opus file on Windows and Mac. An Opus file is an audio file with .opus extension. There are various media players which are widely used to open Opus file.

Opus file

What is an Opus File?

We all love to collect our favorite audio or video files in our system. You will surprise to know that there are numerous file formats that are supported by different devises. These file formats have different audio or video quality depends upon their types of compression. So, Opus is a file format that is widely used for audio files. This file format is developed by a well known company- Internet Engineering Task Force.

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How to Open an Opus File on Windows?

There are various media player which are used to open Opus file on Windows.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC media player is the most used audio video player in computers. Users love to use VLC media player because of its compatible features and higher signal quality. This media player can directly play Opus file without any format conversion.

User just has to select the Opus file and open with VLC media player and it will play the media file.

2. Winamp

This media player is also highly rated in the list of Opus file player. This media player was launched in 1997 and its latest version is available in market. It can support almost all popular file types like AVI, WMV, Opus, MKV, MP4, FLV and many more. You can download this software on your device or even you can use it online.

3. Foobar2000

Foobar2000 is the most advanced audio player for the Windows user. It provides excellent sound quality and it supports almost all popular audio formats. This media player provides full Unicode type support with advanced abilities. It also provides various personalized keyboard shortcut that makes the listening experience even better.

4. Zoom Player

This media player is one of the most powerful and flexible platform for Windows users, because it provides a customize media center for user access. The Zoom media player is available in almost all international languages and it can be directly installed in your computer.

5. MediaInfo Player

This media player can also be used online and it can be accessed from any corner of the world. The MediaInfo player comes with customizable features, which can be adjusted by user according to their use.

6. Windows Media Player

Windows media player is able to play Opus file on Windows system and this software comes pre installed in all the Windows system. Microsoft corporation has designed this media player in such a way that it provides higher sound quality and better signal compression level.


This music player comes with a very good sound quality and its personalization feature allows users to enjoy the audio track in their own style. AIMP supports more than 20 audio file format including Opus file.

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How to Open an Opus File on Mac?

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media player is also available for MacOS. User just need to install the VLC media player in their system and open this software. Then open the Opus file folder, select the Opus file and drag and drop in the VLC media player. It will easily play the audio file.


In this article we learnt about how to open an Opus file on Windows and Mac. We learnt about various media players that are widely used to play Opus file. I hope you enjoyed this article. Thank you.

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